Büyükelçinin Mesajı

Welcome to the official webpage of the Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the EU.

The then President of the Commission of the European Economic Community (EEC), Walter Hallstein emphasized during the signing ceremony of the Turkey-EEC Association Agreement in 1963, in Ankara, that Turkey is part of Europe. Indeed, Turkey-EU relations rest on a deep past, constant geography, well rooted institutional ties and mutual interests.

Turkey, being one of the first countries the EU to have established an association with, joined the Customs Union in 1996, was unanimously granted candidate status by the EU in 1999 and started accession negotiations in 2005. Politically, the EU has thus far been an important encouraging force in the democratization process of Turkey, and continues to be one of its important partners and markets. The majority of foreign direct investment and technology transfer into Turkeyin factoriginates from EU member states.

Turkey-EU relations are evidently multi-dimensional. Despitehurdles along the way, the accession negotiations constitute the backbone of Turkey-EU relations. Turkey is determined to continue its reforms and alignment with the EU in all walks of life in line with its membership perspective.

Turkey is a key partner of the EUin the face of common threats and challenges such as irregular migration, terrorism, energy security, ageing population, xenophobia and Islamophobia. In this regard, Turkey’s eventual membership transcends a “win-win” scenario for Turkey and the EU, having positive implications for global security and prosperity.

Successfully completing the Visa Liberalisation Dialogue so that Turkish citizens can travel visa-free into the Schengen Zone, substantial support from the EU to Turkey in its endeavours to eradicate the threat of terror in all its forms, upgrading of the Customs Union and sustaininghigh-level dialogues in a number of spheres, ranging from political to economy, energy and transport,with a view to complementing the accession process, are Turkey’s priorities for the period ahead.

Turkey’s accession to the EU might be the most challenging of all processes, past and prospective. But it will be the most beneficial and most meaningful.Once having fulfilled all the necessary criteria, Turkey’s membership to the EU is necessary and even indispensable. Turkey’s membership, which remains a strategic goal for Turkey, is a requisite of history, geography, economy, our mutual interests, and the stability and securityof our wider neighbourhood.

Mehmet Kemal Bozay


Premanent Delegate